Welcome to
Ipswich Grammar School

Staff Onboarding

Dear ,

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Ipswich Grammar School. We're excited to have you with us.

We've put together some information to make your transition into our school as smooth as possible.

Your username and password details:

Email Address: @ipswichgrammar.com

Please keep an eye on your emails as you will be contacted shortly by our Human Resources Manager to arrange a brief onsite induction.

As part of the recruitment process, you will be required to acknowledge that you have read through the Policies and Procedures available in the Staff Handbook.

Complete Policies & Procedures Acknowledgement

Follow the steps below to access Schoolbox:

1. Go to www.ipswichgrammar.com
2. At the top right select Schoolbox
3. Enter the username and password as above
4. Once logged in successfully you will have a page with access to portals according to your primary role.

A Quick Guide to Schoolbox and the Staff Handbook has been attached to help you get started.

How can I change or reset my password?
You can change your password at any time using the Self-Service Portal. This portal provides you with various options for resetting your password based on the details we have available.

Simply visit https://passwordreset.ipswichgrammar.com and follow the on-screen instructions.

Who can I contact for technical assistance?
For any IT related questions, or if you require assistance with the IGS Mobile App or Schoolbox, please contact Information Services by email helpdesk@ipswichgrammar.com or telephone (07) 3813 9653.

What can I do if I encounter any problems?
If you have any queries in relation to the information provided above, please do not hesitate to contact Hazel McLean (HMcLean@ipswichgrammar.com) or call (07) 3813 9623.

Congratulations on your appointment and welcome to our Ipswich Grammar School community!

Hazel McLean
Human Resources Manager